Board of Advisors

Christopher Clark

Chris Clark graduated with a degree in business management and applied statistics from Miami University of Ohio where he earned awards for two business competition presentations. Previously, Clark worked for 5 years as a business consultant for those organizations employing people with work related disabilities around the greater Cleveland area. Clark specialized in on-site training of clients in various industries including manufacturing, food service, and healthcare. Clark founded Sunflower Solutions in Cleveland Ohio when exposure to Africa's rampant lack of electricity caused problems when working with a group to bring clean water to an impoverished village.

Now it is Chris's passion to emPower the world with the emPower Plant™.

Mike Carlton

Mike has spent most of his life in and around advertising agencies. For over a quarter of a century he served in various agency functions, including general management and ownership in a 150-person shop. Along the way he held offices in the American Association of Advertising Agencies, agency networks, and became a frequent writer and speaker on agency issues.

In the 1980s he founded Carlton Associates Incorporated, a consulting firm that focuses on agency business issues and other leadership challenges. He was also a founder of World Systems, a first generation accounting system supplier for agencies, and 600 Monkeys (now a part of Computer Associates), a provider of new technologies for agencies and other professional service firms. In addition, he founded Centre for International Business, which has assisted advertisers and agencies globally.

His consulting, systems and international work has taken him to agencies and marketers all over the world. The client roster numbers more than 100, including strong, mid-size independent agencies, offices of global agency organizations, as well as successful smaller shops. He currently serves on the advisory or corporate boards of a number of agencies and related firms

Mike is a former Army Officer and holds a business degree from The University of Delaware.

Chris Langmack

Chris is the Director of Niagara Systems LLC which manufactures a wide variety of industrial washing systems used in the solar, renewable energy, automotive, electronics, military and aerospace industries. Niagara exports to over 40 countries around the globe. Chris is the Danish counsul for the state of Ohio as well as having served on Northern Ohio Export Council, Cleveland’s Mayor’s International advisory board and was president of the Cleveland World Trade Association.

Hilary Lucas

 Hilary is a graduate of Ohio University with a degree in Creative Writing and Communications. She is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honor Society and was involved in several campus organizations focused on social justice issues, education, interfaith cooperation, and environmental awareness. Her international experience includes studying Fine Arts in London and cooperating with Ugandan women through The Empower Campaign. Hilary was a Social Media Intern on the 30 Hour Famine Team at World Vision in Seattle, Washington and a Public Relations Manager with Red Shoes Dance Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. Currently, she is working in Marketing and Public Relations with Sunflower Solutions.