Our Company

Sunflower Solutions

Sunflower Solutions isn't a lot of things that typically encompass an advanced energy company. Internally, we look for the right type of person who understands that our work does not stop as the lowest cost source of electricity for remote and developing parts of the world, it goes far beyond that. Our work is all about what that power does. Clinics and hospitals have different concerns than do schools or water wells and most of us in Sunflower Solutions have experienced those nuances firsthand on almost every continent (we have not yet made it to Australia).

Sunflower's Principles:

Be Passionately Driven. We do our daily best to be passionately driven and focused on empowering the world through our work.

Be Proactively Curious. Just because something has been done a certain way for who-knows-how-long is not a reason to assume that there isn't a better way out there. This is, after all, how Sunflower Solutions got started.

Be Sensorially Engaged. When you are working with diverse areas around the world there are a lot of factors that change from one location to the next. We do our best to be mindful of the unique challenges that comes with every opportunity to supply our emPower Plant™ systems.

Be Empathetically Minded. We understand the emotional connection to something as simple as a source of reliable electricity because even a small amount of electricity can mean the difference between such things as clean and dirty drinking water to those who need it the most.