System Installation: emPower Plant Solar Panel

Construction of the emPower Plant™ solar power system is as simple as solar gets. Almost everything you need is provided (unless you request otherwise), so you can literally take the parts out of the box and begin erecting your lowcost solar energy anywhere in the world. A brief overview of the steps required are below. See our installation videos for more in-depth details on installing the emPower Plants™.  Installation does not require any special or technical expertise however a person with basic electrical knowledge is highly recommended for the wiring steps.

Simple Installation Steps

  1. Dig Hole for Base Pole
  2. Mix Concrete
  3. Insert base pole and cement base pole in place
  4. Once base pole is set in concrete attach yellow base collar to base pole
  5. Slide Tracking collar onto tracking pole, and attach tracking pole to base collar
  6. Insert T- bar into top of tracking pole
  7. Attach U-rails to T- Bar with flat edge facing up
  8. Attach instruction plate arms to tracking collar (bolt goes through arm, washer, then to tracking collar)
  9. Attach instruction plate to support arms
  10. Attach instruction plate arms to U-rails
  11. Set for Horizontal position
  12. Attach cross rails
  13. Attach solar panels

Tools you will need:

  1. A shovel
  2. Access to cement