Every solar energy project has unique needs based upon what you are powering, when power is needed, and how much power is required. Remember, with solar you are paying for electricity upfront and then generating it for free for many years to come and prices will vary based on your unique unit and your power needs.  These costs may seem high when compared to other short term options for power, but when the costs are compared after several years solar offers the best in cost, reliability, and convenience.

One service Sunflower Solution’s offers to our customers is the complete design of an emPower Plant™ solar power system based around our customers unique needs. We work closely with organizations to make sure the size of the emPower Plant™ is just right. This takes a little extra time, but the benefit is a complete solution that you can be confident will work, and the benefit of knowing you have not paid for more than you need.

Before we can accurately design and size a complete solar power system, we first need each customer to answer several key questions:

1. What are your goals for having power?
2. What will you be powering? (Be specific)
3. How much electricity will each item use? (For example, are you using 10 watt light bulbs or 60 watt?)
4. How many hours each day will each item need power?
5. How many hours does each item need to run at night?
6. How many days worth of backup power storage do you need?

The more detailed your answers to these questions, the better the information we will use to design your emPower Plant™.

For further information on pricing your own emPower Plant™ solar power system please call us at 216.313.9829.