emPower Plant Solar Power Systems

What Is Solar?

Solar OverviewSolar power is the process of producing electricity from sunlight. Despite what you may think about solar, it is actually quite simple and consists of only a few key parts! The process starts with the sun and when the natural energy in the sun's rays strikes a solar array (1) it creates a current. Because we often need to store that power for later use, we need someplace for that energy to be stored until we need it. Batteries specially made for solar applications (3) can store large or small amount of power for long periods of time and a small solar charge controller (2) is all that is needed to make sure those batteries are properly charged. Once we are ready to use our power it moves from the batteries to a solar inverter (4) that "inverts" the direct current stored by the batteries into the alternating current used by almost all modern day appliances and equipment. After just these 4 steps we have created our own clean, renewable and useable power that can help change the lives of people around the world.

Sunflower Solutions' emPower Plant™ is able to funtion anywhere in the world, requires very little maintenance and generates clean renewable power for over 25 years. Sunflower Solutions helps organizations around the world emPower people by implementing their own solar power projects such as clean water wells, hopitals, schools, businesses; the uses for solar are endless!

Renewable energy technologies hold great promise to provide clean and sustainable power to even the most remote locations without the costs of a centralized electric grid. To date, most of the efforts in renewable energy technology have been spent on complicated, massive power stations in developed areas of the world.

Sunflower Solutions approaches solar energy from the opposite direction. How can we bring power to the people who need it the most? How can we make these technologies as simple as possible? The answer is to embrace a low-tech solution that empowers those who have never had electricity of their own.

emPower Plant™ Solar Power Systems OverviewSunChaser Solar Panel System

The emPower Plant™ solar power systems are turnkey kits that include everything you need to install clean and long lasting solar power anywhere in the world.  It features our unique and patented manual solar power tracking arrays mounted on a base pole that is fixed into the ground. The frame can support up to 6 large solar panels or 20 small solar panels. The adjustment collar slides and rotates on the base pole to face the solar panels towards the sun three times daily. A locking clamp holds the unit in place after each adjustment and kids to adults can make the adjustments. 

More Electricity, Less Maintenance, Lower Price

The emPower Plant™ manual tracking system provides up to 35% more power than a comparable stationary system, without issues related to roof mounting stability and the need for costly skilled labor construction. The emPower Plant solar panel system provides the equivalent power and dual axis 320° rotation of an automatic sun tracking system, but without the expensive repairs and upkeep inherent in complex motorized units.

Simple, Self-Sufficient Operation

We've transformed NASA-researched precision sun positioning into a simple tilt and rotate sequence. Calibrating the manual sun tracking system takes just 20-30 seconds three times daily. Anyone, with no previous training, no literacy and no physical prowess, can use the straightforward color-coded instruction panel on the unit for absolute ease of calibration.

Precisun Instruction Panel